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Fast star hotel is grabbed marriage celebrate " cake "

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Although still was March only, but each are big on Shanghai the hotel has been been in May golden week warm up. Hotel of fast star class holds ceremony of of all kinds marriage to reveal in succession on Shanghai meeting, round of marriage celebrates big fight to be about to leave dozen.
Recently, in some restaurant the name is " samite marriage banquet is in a garden " the theme is revealed in the meeting, the marriage banquet dish that the hotel revealed the marriage with many bridal ceremony, different distinctive to celebrate field and match well of Chinese and Western to new personality of nearly 100 alignment. Meanwhile, formal attire of gauze of many on Shanghai 10 famous marriage and marriage celebrate service company also exert all over skill, draw the look of accurate new personality.
   Hotel: Marriage celebrate give priority to battalion income
Reporter discovery, the public house is very elaborate to showing mobile plan. Will look from pre-construction, the guest that passes to patronage has specific aim ground to give out show meeting invitation letter. In revealing, the marriage banquet place that reachs 60 thousand yuan from 30 thousand yuan, from lowest 3288 yuan / the Chinese meal of 10 people arrives highest 600 yuan / of the person on the west the marriage banquet menu of dish, make the client has very large choice space.
Hotel side expresses, marriage an income with celebrate business to already became a public house very significant, provide the gain of meeting Wu or other party activity for the enterprise more than far. And the competition on contention passenger source is intense with each passing day between the hotel, want to acquire market share, must elaborate scheme, indication characteristic, bulgy brand advantage.
   Allow newlywed person: Money wanting a flower also should choose
Reveal meeting that day, the accurate new personality that comes round to look around has nearly 100 pairs about, from marriage ceremony whole the design is decorated to detail, they look meticulously in a subtle way, ask the staff member of the hotel ceaselessly. Even somebody still took camera to take wonderful place oneself.
The reporter interviewed a few people in them randomly. Mr Yang and Miss Sun is middle-level white-collar, considering to marry. Mr Yang says, marrying is the happiest hour in lifetime, must creditable and have commemorative sense. In come before restaurant, he ever also sufferred invite go a few otherer hotel of Gao Xing class is like Long Bai, Xin Jinjiang to wait had visited similar wedding to reveal meeting. "Every have distinguishing feature very much, but I still choose a the most special wedding that belongs to my in the consideration. But I still choose a the most special wedding that belongs to my in the consideration..
As we have learned, hotel of fast star class, no matter be field or eat banquet the price does not poor, but the enthusiasm that this did not hit consumer. The marriage banquet showing number of October portion has booked this restaurant this year one sky, and almost all the white-collar that the accurate new personality that make an appointment is middle-level above.
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