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Do the 囍 banquet of a vivid and dramatic

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囍 banquet, it is bridal in the mainest item, should do the full of sound and color that does, it is the result of a few banquets doing 囍 below, offer everybody to make reference.

The choice of field

1 , ground nods best moderate, not too devious, unfavorable also leave home too late, convenient relatives and friends comes round to attend wedding breakfast, convenient also after letting a few close relatives and friends end at wedding breakfast, be troubled by be troubled by bridal chamber, add lively atmosphere.
2, traffic is convenient, whether to have parking space or car of acting guest berth.
3, the space that should have independence, will decorate the feeling that goes up to be able to have whole relatively, 2 will avoid guest of average have dinner to ambulate in wedding breakfast assembly room thrust deep into the enemy forces; More important is to won't have marriage banquet many cases to be held at same point, as a result occurrence relatives and friends eats wrong wedding breakfast, or the awkward occasion that sends a fault red package.

The choice of famished look
1 , normally one desk banquet is to 25 thousand yuan or so with 15 thousand yuan relatively beautiful, but restaurant of class of some 5 stars can have special favourable price.
2, occasionally, the bill of fare with cheaper price can not compare be to one's profit certainly, because have the menu with some of higher unit price, additional value is relative bigger, for example champagne is free carouse the good service such as hour or the 3 honeymoon flatlet that receive one evening.
3, of course, also need the demand that considers vegetarian, ask restaurant precondition, because element is maneating the mouth is not much, can discuss to be designed for the individual with restaurant maigre, charge is calculated with poll.

New people should the item of special attention
Is the number that 1 , every desk contains 10 people be still 12 people?
2, number of desk opening place and book the flexibility between desk number why?
3, if number of desk opening place does not have booked chair, whether can you remove fee or whether can you remove fee or other passes on method?
4, payment why?
5, whether can be subscription retreated?
6, does marriage banquet field have restrict without time?
7, in advance orders banquet, lest because repletion is nerve-racking to look for restaurant additionally.
8, stage accepting a gift is in charge of by who, and keep by who case gift.
9, should take on by the relatives and friends of responsible feeling the controller that feast pays, lest needless dispute.

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