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The Chinese comes 50 years the changes of marriage banquet

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"The fifties a piece of bed, 60 time a packet of candy, red seventies treasured book, 80 time 3 turn to ring, guesthouse of class of 90 time star goes in for pomp, make public of individual character of banquet of marriage of 21 centuries characteristic. " anew China establishs reforming and opening, the Chinese's life enters well-off by dress warmly and ear one's fill, marry to lay a major issue as the person, its " entertain guests " the form also is in ceaseless " upgrade replacement " .

Go up century of 559 time " revolutionary husband and wife " without marriage holiday, place of syncretic of two beds quilt is. The marriage banquet in those days is particularly austere, ordinary common people marries even if send candy of a bit fruit and earthnut to give relatives and friends. The leader also is nevertheless two dish, bag is added to pause in the dining room dumpling.

Go up century seventies " luxurious marriage car " it is 3 rounds, marriage banquet although " common " but close friends' blessing is true. The bridal and main content in those days is a bride dot smoke, in public " gnaw " friend of apple, kin is fooled together be troubled by bridal chamber. 80 time later period, just appear to say well with the mandarin in close friends, the person of can dynamic atmosphere takes on of emcee, the marriage banquet on real significance.

Nowadays, occupy the personage inside course of study to divulge, the picture with the hot in former years of marriage banquet wine shop of a few major begins subsidise gradually, and what astral class guesthouse makes marriage dinner is new bestow favor on. An investigation shows, the city youth of 90% above has the plan that runs wedding, but they expect the wedding that has true ego, there was higher demand on style and class.

The hotel of 45 stars class with beautiful environment has good place condition, became the first selection of new people. Although marriage banquet is not the major servicing of astral class hotel, but 500 to 600 yuan of one desk intermediate on the menu that marriage banquet appears in guesthouse, catered to most city the consumptive demand of newly-married a group of things with common features.

Marriage banquet was asked to take decorous place, bridal grade also had rise. Connect plan, organization to must celebrate a company to be in charge of by professional marriage now, engineer all sorts of activities according to the characteristic of new personality, let a guest play to one's heart's contently already, give new personality the memory with happiness again. For open up market, marriage celebrate a company to begin to wait with the hotel together, lead jointly marriage celebrate consumption. As we have learned, marriage banquet already became current individuation help the main force that uses marital consumption. Should the requirement of new personality, marriage celebrated a company to had designed many characteristic marriage banquets, have popular and festival sedan marriage dinner, have outskirts picturesque scenery go vacationing the green marriage dinner that the village holds, the outdoor buffet that still court of type is in Europe undertakes marriage banquet, hold a grand ceremony to outskirts, planting next marriage to commemorate a tree also is a kind of welcome form.
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