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Additional kind of flower banquet

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If you like a flower, you can put a lily in house, a few orchid can be placed in the balcony, but, are you met them eat in burn into dish go down?

The flower grew cooked food, although hold out fresh, but how be to make those who come? In the restaurant that opens beautiful banquet, chef will use the rose leaf that does rose shelled fresh shrimps to be cleaned clean one by one. Then, want to had fried shelled fresh shrimps first, remove very oily boiler to put rose piece next, shovel quickly a few times, fill the shop after going out to arrive on shelled fresh shrimps, rose valve still is maintaining former colour, line is on shelled fresh shrimps especially good-looking. According to chef introduction, rose nature is gentle, can fall fat reduces weight, hairdressing eliminates speck, · of · of · of · of · of · of moisten the respiratory tract of invigorate the circulation of blood not only the embellish that it is dish, the body to the person is large still after eating have profit.

Flower salad can be the food with a very fast hit, because this variety is the richest, each basically distribute food according to florescence. When sweet-scented osmanthus waved in August sweet when, restaurant can roll out sweet-scented osmanthus salad; June, deadbeat people can taste savor jasmine salad; Rose salad can sample all the year round.

As we have learned, flower banquet is mixed in Hong Kong at present the southeast Asia area such as Japan is faddish with each passing day, shanghai deadbeat has experience having a flower mostly now.

The Chinese has less than to raise the dietary tradition outside since ancient times, the flower also is a kind of greenery, fitted concept of life of first of contemporary person health, flower nature wants fashionable to rise

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