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Becoming a bride is the most beautiful hour in feminine lifetime, the central point that beautiful figure is had on wedding and makes everybody fix eyes upon also is the wish of each brides. Wear heavy make-up it may not be a bad idea, use powdery black it may not be a bad idea slightly, the guest that can let attend wedding feels find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind with respect to can yet be regarded as an amusement. May the bride that you can choose to go to beauty parlour making one a complete set of makes up, such save trouble simple, nevertheless, if can according to making up the expert's opinion starts work in him home make up a beautiful bride, can grace for wedding certainly many. That lets us listen to London famous make up expert STONE BROWN (Sidienbulang) your brilliant idea.

Braun says, healthy color of skin is the crux that the bride makes up, had better be to holding before two bridal months to begin to be done regularly facial nurse, such ability benefit at going up makeup the cleanness before. The choice should use marriage gauze and cutaneous demitint when powdery bottom, can foil better a color of skin. If be the move is small the marriage gauze that get, also should take powdery heart in neck place, transfer natural. Block defect creams can cover black rim of the eye well, be in again double buccal on sweep on the rouge of a few weak pink, pieces of whole face looks alight, be full of burnish and flexibility.

What the lipstick in bridal makeup can use neuter is apricot, deserve to fasten labial line pen with be the same as color greatly slightly, if be in wedding,the phenomenon that occurrence lipstick falls off is very awkward, so, after gone lipstick, besmear again on one transparent do not fade labial colour, you can put a person's mind to come and go at guest. If the lip is too feeble, can besmearing a pink attacks again after the lipstick, besmear again next a lipstick, such lip looks plumper.

Proposal brides had better be in Braun brow of clip of before wedding two weeks, especially irritability skin, lest appear red phenomenon, press the camber draw the outline of of foster cordial relations between countries before today in wedding next. Eyelash creams must use waterproof model, elect palm black as far as possible, the outline that can let an eye is more apparent. But the makeup of eye ministry cannot too exaggerative, because bridal makeup is different from after all Thespian makeup.

Additional, cannot oversight of hand ministry nurse, fingernail wants clip orderly, purify the skin of a few ageing, next the fingernail of transparent or shallow pink on besmear is oily.

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