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Draw mandible channel, want a basis particular face, adjust the position of good mandible channel, use next incarnadine be in in the hollow of mouth ministry and jaw ministry have a common boundary be down draw the outline of to give a small arc. As a result of everybody of mandible different, the jaw that wants a basis to differ so will undertake makeup.

 just falls mental

Turn of angle of  mandible bone is apparent, jaw tubercle is big and outstanding, below mental smoother, make below half of the face are square, lack downy sense of the female. Got-up method: Besmear shadow color is in in the jaw tubercle of mandible bone, below mental go up Tu Liang color and a few rouge, make fall mental fruity and full and outstanding, mandible bone is convergent.

Below  mental cross a needle to grow too

Below  mental too long, mandible bone is narrow small, jaw tubercle is not apparent, below half of the face are shown long. Got-up method: shadow color or brunet pink foundation Tu Yu lays mental position, two cheek ministry besmears bright color arrives ear root, be in the bright lubricious brim of cheek ministry adds a few rough sketch red, make next mental length get convergence, two cheek appear fruity and full.

Below  mental short

Below  mental submit parallel form with mandible bone, make face show wide show short. Got-up method: Will bright lubricious Tu Yu leaves mental position, make its appear the area is down a few bigger, two cheek ministry uses shadow lubricious astringent slightly, facial other position is proper also and convergent at the same time.

 mental trench is too deep

 plays mental forward detective, make the person appears not quite composed. Got-up method: Color of shadow of besmear of mental nodal place or brunet pink bottom are convergent, by Tu Lue of mental channel place's shallow pink, make mental channel appears a few more shallow.

 is smooth below mental

 does not have mental channel between next mental tilting back ward and lip, facial appear insipid, lack administrative levels sense. Got-up method: Will bright lubricious Tu Yu leaves mental mental nodal position, make fall mental outstanding. Below mental as dizzy as Tu Lue's close between the lip shadow look catch, make fall mental with concave and convex structure is shown between the lip.

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