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Well-known, to art brushwork, colour choice is proper, the picture that draw gives makes person find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind, if colour is applied undeserved, with respect to what can make draw goes out drawing pole is not coordinated, have lose aesthetic feeling. Same, make up colorific is applied also resemble drawing same, very important.

1. Make up colour wants the be identical of immanent and temperamental photograph with the individual.

The temperamental characteristic of  person each are not identical, somebody is Qing Chunke love, somebody is decorous and beautiful model, also somebody is rich and gaudy coquettish model etc, stem from colour to also have the characteristic that it represents, qingchun is so lovely model person want those who select pink series to make up colour, fear is great makeup with intense colour; decorous and beautiful model person optional choose rose or the colour that amaranth fastens, eye shadow need not contrast as far as possible intense color, with coffee, deep gray rich and gaudy of the most appropriate; is coquettish model person the bright red color that can choose enthusiasm, eye shadow can use intense comparative color, if use deep green or blue-black the strong mix colors when making up as eye ministry.

2. Make up colour wants the age photograph be identical with the individual.

 for example, the girl with lesser age can be used as far as possible light, like pink department lipstick (orange of pink, pink) the girl with; largish age can use deeper or more bright-coloured color, because brunet reach bright-coloured colour to be able to give a person marked sense, look more mature also.

3. Make up colour wants the be identical of photograph of color of skin with the individual.

It includes  the choice of 3 respects:

 is the choice of powdery bottom. The following jaw and color of skin of cervical connective place will try the color of powdery bottom, had better agree completely with color of skin or more shallow than color of skin for a time color, must not choose too white or too dark, with oneself color of skin differs the color with bigger surprise.

 2 it is the choice with red cheek. Whiter to color of skin person, can choose pink series; and the person with deeper color of skin, should choose coffee series, make color of skin looks more healthy. The cheek that has Yin Guang is red can use indication forehead.

 the 3 choices that are lipstick. The lipstick that light color has Yin Guang has make mouth shows big result. The collocation of lipstick and color of skin also has knowledge, the person with blacker skin, cannot besmear light color or the lipstick that contain Yin Guang, because light color lipstick can form contrast with color of skin, make appear more bleak. And the person with whiter color of skin is luckier, any color are all usable. The person with blacker skin must special attention colorific choice, avoid to use yellow, pink, argent, weak green or grayish lipstick. Can besmear delay color is fastened relatively slant dark red or the lipstick that coffee fastens, foil the skin more in vain and harmonious.
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