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Rose wedding

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The rose suits wedding most, red rose is indicative love, with red rose the shop is the same as rose road of Xiang Xingfu, hold a royal rose wedding, let the most classical wedding increase colour and enthusiasm for your wedding.
Bridal fundamental key can choose red and white. Gauze curtain of white, antependium chair cover of white, still have white candle, only carpet and flower are gules, grave and festival. Downy lamplight is enveloping wedding breakfast hall, the composition of moving heartstrings drips in empty midstream.
The flower chooses red rose, luxuriant and mysterious. Table of stage of sign in stage, the candlestick by beautiful door, carpet, celebration, dinner and the back of the chair decorate a rose.
The hand holds in both hands: The circular ball-flower in bridal hand, by red rose composition represented a bride this gives birth to the truest dream.
Ceremonial stage: Ceremonial stage both directions has a piece of teapoy each, a crystal bottle is put to insert above full rose.
Banquet: Bridal advocate desk intention is most, ball-flower of a rose was inserted above, full rose leaf is aspersed on the desk. The crystal candlestick on seats for guests also decorated red rose.
Lightsome white gauze, gules lacy, the rose still is blossomming silently, embracing to the person photograph that love each other had gone, move toward prospective day together. .

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