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Yesterday in the morning, the Bruin of Ba Na area, Miss Li got thing of Qing Li of a special marriage -- the friend invited two glide actor for them, carve their name on glide umbrella, in piscine hole in the sky fly nearly 50 minutes, attract stamp of on 10 thousand masses to watch.

"The sky has flying person! " yesterday in the morning 10 when 50 minutes, citizen of Ba Na area Mr Zhang, sudden move has one object to had flown to the head. The citizen hears Zhang Jing to breathe out all round, look up look up at a sky, see many meters 50 only in the sky, two people bend over flies on glide umbrella. Attentive people discovers, Imprinting on glide umbrella male gentleman and the name of Miss Li. "It is somebody marriage, do celebrate oh. " people says. Many minutes 10, the answer gets confirming, the market appeared to marry on the road festooned vehicle, cameraman flies to the sky content films, understanding is informed, be bear and Li Jie marriage.

The friend of Bruin tells a reporter, invite glide personnel performance, a be bear idea that ever gave when the friend of air man in army, meaning the day in conjugal great rejoicing gives them a surprise.

Yesterday morning, when the content of special ties wedding that should accept a friend to new personality, excited unceasingly.

(Hu Lan of Yang Yong of reporter Zhang Yixie)

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