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Marriage celebrate emcee 3

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Yesterday, " snow ground is holy and royal marriage ceremony " go up 1800 meters in altitude hold on hill of monkey of area of scene of Jiang Yan Long Chi. Although the accumulated snow on monkey hill is deep,amount to 60 centimeters, air temperature is in 0 times 8 ℃ , but the heart of new people is burning still.
Yesterday afternoon 4 when 20 minutes, cheer as, the Bai Xue that two pairs of new personality are stepping natural shop to become " carpet " , came marriage celebrate the spot. "Are you cold? " " not cold, can be heated up in the heart! " word of two pairs of new personality has not said, cry continuously be duped -- , the coat that bridegroom and bride shuck off before a few youths go up. Whole body of a bride is being worn only thin thin marriage gauze, although another bride covered a bit dress inside the cheongsam, but apparent also via living 0 times the torment of 8 ℃ low temperature, mouth skin freezes very quickly green.
Afternoon 4 when 35 minutes, in gun salute and lively wedding march, hand of two pairs of new personality held a flower in both hands to set foot on bridal red carpet formally. Not 3 do obeisance to the 9 traditional ceremonies that kowtow, after emcee made simple introduction, announce two pairs of new personality face snow mountain, affectionate photograph is kissed. Get " order " , two pairs of people of a new type are not restrictive also, embracing deep feeling of the other side to be kissed severally.
Marriage ceremony ceremonially, dragon pool management board delivered precious gift to two pairs of new personality -- , two bottled move the snow sample that the tourist attraction of noisy water hole that goes up 2500 meters from altitude collects, wish two pairs of new personality with pure Baixue marriage is harmonious, happy and perfect. Two pairs of new personality are to come from respectively the Xie Changgong that Jiang Yan petties official the home presses down ovine forked village, Zhang Yanbo and south the Tang Yong that fill, Jiang Jie.

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