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Attend wedding to cannot begin for nothing

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Attend bridal give sb a present, not be to let your boast money show rich, it just shows regard, also be a kind of ceremony at the same time.

We go up then time say, I attend the friend's wedding with Xiaoning, though this is abduct is worn,bend friend, but to wedding this is planted serious situation, the ceremony that presses old Beijing, again poor, also want to be worn a few more creditably. Such ability reflect pair of master estimation, also be a kind of civilization at the same time formal. At that time, although time is driven a little collect, I still called a taxi, come home changed a suit Western-style clothes, go straight towards the restaurant that runs wedding continuously at the same place with Xiaoning next.

Go on the road, I think suddenly, forgot to buy a gift to bridegroom bride. I say to Xiaoning: "Do we attend wedding to fasten empty hand? " Xiaoning says: "Be, what does old Peking Man attend wedding to have to tell? " I say: "In the past, peking Man marriage is lickerish wedding breakfast. This kind of etiquette and custom still in actual life continues. Peking Man hold wedding to cry ' do a thing ' . Alleged ' do a thing ' , ask close friends to eat a feast namely, of course, had added up to civilized wedding with feast nowadays 2 for one, ask namely marriage celebrate a company to sponsor wedding, wedding ends, the repast of close friends sitting of congratulate on a happy occasion comes before, drink a cup of wedding feast, lively. The ceremony that presses old Beijing, attend wedding to cry ' congratulate on a happy occasion ' . ' congratulate on a happy occasion ' cannot empty congratulate, want to give one's share, also cry ' pedestrian affection ' . Alleged ' member ' , it is case gift, at that time pays attention to a money outfit to arrive in paper bag. This paper bag is not general paper, be imprint above a piece of red paper have pattern of aureate decorative pattern, writing on red paper ' Happy New Year ' , ' perfect conjugal bliss ' , ' close providentially ' the congratulations of and so on. This is in charge of to also cry between old age ' a large is smooth ' . The man cries to what woman home sends ' Lian is respected ' , the woman cries to what man home sends ' happy event respect ' . " small Ning Ting arrives here, laugh: "How is so much exquisite? Who knows present youth these ah! " I say: "This is old ceremony, do not have ceremony of so much common later, the colleague of an unit or friend, classmate marries, big guy collect chooses fund, buy 9 articles for daily use, also be give sb a present. Also have the case that gives one's share of course, for instance the colleague of an unit marries, look for a person that can get together to manage this thing, outer part is large, with bridegroom bride the relationship also has been held out, draw out a bit more. The concern is common draw out a bit less, more or less be so meaning, this cries ' along with member ' . Of course, also sheet gives. Senile nowadays the ceremony between tell Debuduo, connect ' assemble member ' , ' along with member ' this kind of thing that accepts case gift is little. But attend wedding to always want to send a dot the thing to bridegroom bride, cannot take a piece of face solely. "
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