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Marriage celebrate project rate " have music "

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Bridal " gold is chaired " , " gold is engineered " fly all over the sky, same marriage celebrates project value to be able to differ several times, dalian marriage celebrates guild to be about to hold water
Marriage celebrate project rate " have music "
■ photography of wall of chief correspondent sea considers win
The wedding of Dalian " gold is chaired " , " gold is engineered " wait to have 100 at least many, can be truly qualified card is very few however. It is marriage car is added likewise photograph like the service, this collects fees 2000 yuan, then the home collects fees however 6000 yuan... celebrate in our city marriage while the market is thriving with each passing day, existence of land of different also level wears a few confused phenomena. The reporter learned yesterday, dalian marriage celebrates guild to be about to hold water, the guild after holding water will be comprehensive normative and confused phenomenon, same a marriage celebrate project rate will " have music " .
Folklore home will connect directive Dalian
Marriage celebrate an industry
Yesterday afternoon, chinese marriage celebrates Kang Ning of family history of industry committee total person in charge of something, folklore to be in marriage of sanded bayou area celebrated square to make the splendid report that celebrates trade current situation and foreground to look into about our city marriage. As we have learned, shi Kangning is connected this is to be an our city to establish marriage of the 5th city of countrywide to celebrate guild to do early days to arrange the job on invitation.
"From 2002 since, the marriage of Dalian celebrated an industry to walk into a high speed to develop period, but in industry market one flourishs while, also put in a few non-standard circumstances. For example now of Dalian alleged ' gold is chaired ' , ' gold is engineered ' wait to have 100 at least many, what but these people are medium,pass attestation of national labor department is very few however. After all is what kind of person can say to go up ' gold ' ? This must have an occupation standard. " Shikangning still tells a reporter, marriage celebrate industry committee to once had received consumer such complaining: Bridal king young lady complains some marriage to celebrate a company to ask refund, the reason is the company photographs the group photo that she and maternal aunt omited when resembling. But marriage celebrate a company to express to this, the bride did not say to want to have group photo with every relative. "Say a marriage celebrates a service to should be accomplished so why to plant degree, lack relevant occupation standard. Lack relevant occupation standard..
In addition the reporter still understands, a few marriage still exist to celebrate a project to collect fees on the market at present non-standard, same item collects fees the circumstance of six to one.
After guild holds water, will build
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