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Zealous marriage celebrates Jiangchen citizen " one continuous line "

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Shadow building, hotel, marriage celebrates a company to make industrial chain together

Report from our correspondent (reporter Cai Yuangong) although be apart from " Jin Jiuyin 10 " marriage celebrate consumptive busy season to still have a month, however Jiangchen and marriage celebrate concerned businessman to already acted early however, make promotion, begin meeting, push taste newly etc. Differ with in former years, the of all kinds businessman of Wuhan is in this year marriage celebrate consumptive strategy to go up to do singles to be fought alone no longer, however the catenary of methodological string industry with interactive sale.

A few days ago, marriage of an individual character celebrates the sweet case lira that exhibits v/arc be on the throne to build a highway at Chinese mouth to hold, ginseng exhibit business to celebrate a company to wait except building of marriage gauze shadow, marriage " leading role " outside, much still the new face such as club of travel agent, car, and household, cosmetic, marriage celebrates the manufacturer such as happy candy to join in actively also, strung together a whole marriage to celebrate service industry catenary.

The activity sponsors square relevant controller to tell a reporter, marriage the relevant trade that celebrate is more, shop from bazaar, shadow building takes a picture to be rented to the car, marriage banquet, honeymoon swims etc, every link involves a trade, before the collaboration between these relevant industries does not see more, can saying is to be severally blast, whole marriage celebrates the market to appear come loose quite. Nevertheless, the cooperative demand between of all kinds this year businessman is bigger and bigger, the meeting between of all kinds enterprise has interactive, hold for instance meet or be being exhibited similarly is to rise jointly begin wedding to engineer an activity.

The reporter understands in interview, current, big public house and each famous marriage of Wuhan city are celebrated there is connection between the company, basic implementation shares bilateral client resource; Some marriage celebrate concoctive company and car to rent company or travel agent to also have collaboration, cooperative form often is swim or engineering newly-married to be driven oneself for new people is honeymoon swim wait for an activity; And buildings of some marriage gauze shadow also rise jointly with travel agent, roll out photography of gauze of scene area marriage to swim etc.

"The sale of this kind of interactive type is sure to quicken marriage celebrate the resource conformity between the enterprise, break Wuhan thereby all sorts of service companies are at present scattered management mode, the new people that is Wuhan offers marriage of more professional, vogue, convenience, quick a complete set of to celebrate a service. " analysis of the personage inside course of study, because these and marriage are celebrated,itself is not put in competitive issue between relevant of all kinds enterprise, so they can share client resource jointly not only, still can reduce sale cost effectively, and this kind " one continuous line " the served to also save consumer greatly time of type and energy.
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