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One marriage celebrates Shenyang the company opens a 200 thousand day price to b

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Shenyang east city international marriage celebrates the Cultural Festival to pulled open heavy curtain to have recently marriage celebrate a company to mark a price 200 thousand citizen expresses to just look happy with

Morning paper dispatch (reporter He Qian) a bridal marriage celebrates charge to be as high as 200 thousand yuan unexpectedly.

27 days, shenyang east city international marriage celebrates the Cultural Festival to pull open heavy curtain, in bridal market quite of flourishing 2007, one businessman opens the marriage that go out to celebrate the price to make a lot of people forehead perspires.

Day price marriage is celebrated

One plute once had done Liaoning

"Marrier is too much this year, we looked for a lot of hotel to just be ordered, can search marriage celebrate a company to make a person nerve-racking again. " citizen Liu Ying is being searched in Cultural Festival spot marriage celebrate a company.

Liu Ying tells a reporter, her psychology anticipates price is controlled in 3000 yuan.

200 thousand yuan? Liu Ying celebrates a company to open the price that give to express to a marriage mysterious.

This marriage celebrates company staff member to say, this company can offer the marriage of all sorts of price to celebrate an activity, among them the most expensive mark a price 200 thousand yuan, son of some group president holds Ceng Wei Liaoning had done.

This staff member says, day price marriage is celebrated include an assembly room to decorate, marriage celebrate personnel, photography, photograph picture, the respect such as compere, among them compere is chaired by countrywide wedding 10 big " renown mouth " hold the position of, for the word that uses him, "Besides feast our what is wrapped " .

To this, a lot of citizens think, ordinary common people cannot assume such price, even if is not to make beautiful, just also look happy be mixed.

Marriage celebrate the market

Although the price is tall however the good and bad are intermingled

From 2006 since, complete province marriage celebrates the market to be in fastigium all the time.

A staff member represents office of Liaoning province trade, my province has new personality of 100 thousand pairs of above every year to be consumed for this, commercial value is enormous. Only the marriage gauze inn of Shenyang area has 1000 or so, but existing the circumstance of the good and bad are intermingled, still the respect such as photography also is existing a lot of non-standard, the citizen gets material benefit very hard.

In Cultural Festival spot, the reporter sees tower candlestick mark a price for 500 yuan of ~800 yuan, hubble-bubble machine 140 yuan (flower of the need on common market is controlled 200 yuan) .

In addition, the marriage gauze here is in 300 yuan of ~1900 yuan, but inn of gauze of on the market a few marriage, should compare this expensive 1000 yuan or so.
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