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Wedding Industry Association said Shanghai is in November will be the gold wedd

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This month will be the city's history, "the sweetest in November." Shanghai Wedding Trade Association relevant responsible person said, because a lot of four during the World Expo five-star hotel is full, a lot of new people will be postponed to the wedding November, so this year, 11 months will become a veritable "golden wedding month." "This year's wedding day and then changed for a change." Netizens "happy little bird" told a reporter last year, booked a hotel of this wish, "May Day" to do the wedding party, the Expo will be the first half was suddenly informed that the hotel has an important task of the day Can not do weddings. Finally changed to "October" Golden Week, the hotel said to wait until after the Expo. Expo at the Expo in order to marriage, in November last train is undoubtedly the last. "In past years the 'Eleventh' golden weeks, there will be a wedding season, and in November of this year hundreds of couples have to make arrangements for the wedding." Olive net wedding Liang, head of Juan told reporters, started this Friday all The weekends are filled, almost every day as more than a dozen wedding couples, hot degree of more than 10 months, and it shares the marriage lasted until the end of the peak. He Lina, Secretary General of Shanghai, said the wedding industry, because of the Expo, a lot of new people to adjust the wedding plans. In previous years, in May and October are married, "Golden Month", and this year coincides with the World Expo opening and closing ceremonies, In addition to that there were no four-, five-star hotel wedding, but even the master of ceremonies, wedding cars are in short supply, so many new people have postponed the wedding to 11 months.
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