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Strait Cultural Festival debut of cross-strait Taiwanese wedding Bailuzhou pre

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Pink balloons, white wedding dress, festive music ... ... Yesterday morning, the Eighth Cross-Strait Cultural Festival in Xiamen, Fujian wedding lively debut, Egret Island Park into the halls sweet 52 pairs couples. In the three places (Ha Jin Peng) local leaders and witnessed by representatives from both sides of the new marriage together according to Taiwanese, carrying sedan chair, over rice sieve, sprinkle Kikusui, cross brazier ... ... Huang from Taiwan Folk Village Jingshan, but also on the role of the "s mother" to guide the couple preparing for the wedding. In addition, innovative DIY grass ring, representative of simple, pure love. Grass rings romantic aesthetic, and environmental protection, low-carbon wedding ideas, throughout the wedding. Love, dance, beautiful sachets, the heart have the game, the interaction of these sweet, the group wedding band to a new climax. Pan Shi Jian, vice mayor of Xiamen, Kinmen County Magistrate Li Woshi, Penghu, respectively, to new people, Mr Chen Shuangquan tells a different kind of wedding blessing. Pan Shijian watching Taiwanese folk wedding team, distress: "Although this is the last practice, but this is the cross-strait common memory, but also the wealth with us to old age!" Always liked the lively Liwo Shi said: "To see so intimate wedding ceremony, I would like to do a wedding with his wife again, fun to be with everyone! " Highlights 40 years later, they rekindle old dreams Xiamen Wedding scene yesterday, a pair to commemorate their 40 years of Xiamen, Kinmen Ruby married couples, especially noticeable. When they entered the wedding scene, the audience burst into the most enthusiastic applause. Her husband Mr Xu told the Herald reporter, has been to Xiamen, the couple's wishes, this time to participate in mass wedding in Xiamen, to commemorate the 40th anniversary of marriage, is a meaningful thing, want their children and grandchildren can come to participate in Xiamen collective wedding. "Bride" Wang Hui also recalled the first time gave her a gift, "It was a basket of fruit, eat more fruits and physical health, but also represent our sweet sweet love," said Ms. Wang intoxicated. Love story of a maltose Lai Hongwei from Xiamen groom, the bride of water Guo Ju, their love story, from the start with a little malt. July 12, 2006, gathering in a badminton hall, the two first met. Subsequently, the first sight of the groom Lai Hongwei love to waging a fierce offensive. One night, Kuo Ju said that he eat malt water, Lai Hongwei traveled almost every corner of Egret Island, spent three hours before the lake in a small store to buy Street. When he sent the maltose Guo Ju-quarters water, has been late in the evening, watching the sweat of Lai Hongwei, Guo Shui Ju moved to tears, "he is a responsible man, I found his whole life to rely on." Lai Hongwei said they went to 10 October this year, receive a marriage certificate to find that the mass wedding, and finally enrolled. "Participate in the mass wedding, but also as our wedding a little warm-up before the bar!" Close-up Channel marriage "One network pull" Last November before he Tainan, she Putian; this November, they hand in Xiamen Egret Island. In yesterday's wedding, the beautiful people on both sides become the focus of attention. Two years ago, first came to the mainland venture Mr John Church, young men learn to use the mainland QQ. A year ago, is the online "hang around" and Mr John Church, "netted" by Xu Mei beads. After three months in the virtual world to develop an understanding, the two finally had the first time in the real world face to face, and watching movies, holding hands, meet the parents ... ... narrow strait, did not block the flame of love burning. Love grass gentle wear ring, pull up joking red string, John Tsang Chun Zhu Qi and Xu Mei heart, perhaps only "grow old with you!" Yesterday, dressed in "520" wedding number, lawn, fountains, wedding march ... ... remember this history of across the Strait of the perfect couple. It is reported that they have "old" cross-strait Wedding Day, the first of the new cross-strait into the wedding hall. About the collective wedding ceremony, Mr John Church is very grateful, he said: "Once, my love is a plum beads narrow strait, and I on the other, she in the head. Now, I can finally hold her hand into the marriage hall, we will daily necessities, look for the sweet love belongs to us. " People "S mother specialized households" Jingshan Huang Marriage as a Taiwanese experts, Taiwan Folk Village, "head" Jingshan Huang Taiwan were invited to the wedding scene yesterday, as master of ceremonies presided. Huang Jingshan do not even remember how many people worked as a "s mother" of the. "The less there are hundreds of people a great bar!" He said cheerfully. As long as there is a need, he must be the most passionate one. Egret Island in yesterday's wedding, Huang Jingshan introverted than even several new also "excited" higher octave voice greeted us: "intimate little, sweet little!" Cultural Festival at previous wedding, Huang Jingshan Taiwanese wedding will always cleverly into the wedding, this session is no exception. He specifically southern Taiwan Folk Village wedding team pulled the scene, held up red lanterns, festive decorated sedan chair lift, so that Western-style wedding full of deep collective Taiwanese flavor. To make the wedding even more special, Jingshan Huang is also the night before the new one created specifically for the Minnan dialect version of "hand contract", and led the couples in the scene, sing loudly together.
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