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Interview with rising star in the wedding industry - the marriage service cent

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With winter approaching wedding expo, wedding businesses are also increasingly fierce competition. More than ever, reporters found at this wedding blog Marriage Service Center of Beijing Planning Division in the name of the exhibitors were also involved. Beijing marriage Service Centre is part of the Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau, and institutions involved in such event also is the first time. So, what is the enterprise by the name of this publicity stunt? Or indeed as publicity like that? Reporters interviewed on the matter this enterprise Person in charge. I: Hello, may I ask the wedding planning service centers in Beijing Ministry of marriage is what kind of the nature of body? Centre Leader: Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau under the Marriage Service Center is a career compilation unit. Related News: Marriage Service Center unveiled in Beijing Wedding Expo 2010 Winter I: In the eyes of ordinary people, governments are issuing authority, no doubt about the reliability of the marriage certificate. But now you (the marriage service center of Beijing) in the business of wedding services, whether it does the same with the Results Marriage certificate of reliability? Centre Leader: First of all, I can not say that we give you the wedding, your future life will not be contradictions, but we offer wedding services, must be safe and reliable. You should know that our government is now Both international and domestic, more focus on image, which is the embodiment of open and transparent policy, then we, as the only government-owned wedding services in Beijing cooperation agencies, can be said to represent the image of the Government Bureau of Civil Affairs . This is the protection of consumers, but also proof that our own constraints. Author: In addition to government departments Jiaoren rest assured, what other assurances it? Center for: the ability to cooperate with the government, not necessarily the strength is not enough. One of which reflects the strength is that we have many stable and exclusive suppliers. This is the second we give the consumer A guarantee. Why? Because the implementation requires a lot of wedding service providers to provide professional, some small companies in order to save costs and drive down the prices of suppliers, while suppliers for money, and not according to the contract Standards of service, which led to the decline in marriage quality, direct damage to the new beginning of a lifetime of happiness. Our marriage service center in Beijing, suppliers are selected by industry professionals, the most integrity, Good supplier, but also to communicate with them regularly and monitor its quality of service. I: you said so well, it will generally not the new price is acceptable? Centre Leader: The price is acceptable to let the new! Although we face a major high-end customers, but as I mentioned, our most honest, best suppliers and more stable, and because I Wedding services are very large, which led the way suppliers to take small profits with us, these costs savings, we will reduce the cost of the wedding. So this is tantamount to the return of our profits New people and let them use the price in the end, enjoy the high-end services. Author: Your such a body is quite special. Center for: in fact far from special, after all, every wedding couple, every family is one of the most important moments. We give them, is the most suitable for their wedding, the most practical reliable service. Author: Will the wedding service industry, you have any views and opinions? Centre Leader: Now many people get married, we see that there is money to be made to tie in.. Originally this is not unreasonable, but the big woods, what birds are, as some companies not qualified to undertake the wedding, up to Less than the agreed requirements, and even wedding mess. Such damage is irreparable. I think because of the strengthening self-discipline, standardize services, establish accreditation system, so as to ensure the health industry Health development, to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. In this regard, I hope that all wedding companies can in good faith, passion, quality services to meet every happy couple. We also hope that through our efforts, so wedding planning The industry also has its divine ruler, let us close the service with a keen witness to each couple's happiness!
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