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Held in Tianjin by the end of the wedding of people show symptoms Wedding "Go

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As the "after 85" new, more and more weddings are increasingly seeking personalized, so the wedding will be the theme for next year's fashion trends. 11 Wedding Association was informed from the city of Tianjin will be the end of the wedding service industry associations launched a massive wedding and cultural activities "2010 wedding of one show." Those who engage practitioners hosted the wedding and wedding makeup in more than three years, or have a good marriage of creative people can apply. The event is held in Tianjin, wedding services, industry associations and cultural activities in major wedding, the wedding industry in Tianjin is the highest standard game, but also authority for the city employees in effort to build a wedding professional, authoritative, scholarly exchanges. Demand for new scenes turned to new ideas Learned from the Municipal Association of wedding a few years ago the requirements of the new people to the wedding is the "luxury scene, the project a lot", and next year, the marriage by the "fashion scene, the main line of prominent" feature. Marriage is no longer a cup tower, candles and other props and flying butterflies, a simple pile of cake cutting and other procedures, the new people would also like to make guests remember the wedding ideas. As a result, new live performance "Prince" to "princess" suitors scene of the "fairy tale wedding", playing the bride and groom grew up in the "small film Wedding" and new friends at the ceremony in the couple fell in love with performing experience, "play wedding", etc. will have emerged. According to reports, the new people in the pursuit of personalized wedding at the same time, all that the wedding is personalized according to their aesthetic tastes and love experiences tailored to commemorate the life can be both, so tailored to the individual wedding become the mainstream next year, wedding, wedding ideas and good will also be valuable "golden idea", through "Talent Show" will be a creative in a good wedding become a reality next year. Industry to promote professional certification refresh It is understood that hosted this event involves wedding, bridal makeup, wedding ideas and other links, but also on the wedding industry, a "refresh." A wedding is a one-time consumption, the importance of the decision of the wedding professionals "certificates" of necessity. Employees held a wedding industry association assessment issued by the authority of qualifications, professional skills and knowledge, which reflects the level of ability, it is the consumer rights protection guaranteed by law. Therefore, the event will also promote the professional certification efforts to enhance the overall level of wedding professionals. Certificates protect the interests of both parties Municipal Association Pan Shuhui introduced wedding, the couple hired a wedding certificate practitioners, first qualification is guaranteed. These practitioners caught by marriage culture of knowledge, art knowledge of literature, civilization and etiquette, professional ethics, common sense and specific business training successful candidates for the wedding of various unexpected situations arise, can be learned by the training given in the response and resolve make wedding company peace of mind, leaving the new people at ease. Followed to lodge complaints. The qualification certificates with the staff, their real information, including your real name and identity card, the association has filed, or if the services are not satisfied with the phenomenon, the association can find the parties, to prevent "people take the floor space" to protect the legitimate rights and interests. PAN president told reporters that proved to obtain wedding license appointment corresponding increase in the quality of employees, to ensure the smooth completion of the wedding ceremony and laid a foundation. Wedding Association this year, statistics showed that employment certificates practitioners wedding company, the complaint rate is far lower than that employed enterprises, the basic realization of the zero complaints. Meanwhile, the establishment of the wedding certificates system employed, the objective constraints on business leaders played the arbitrary transfer of employees to ensure the relative stability of the wedding team.
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