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Urumqi off the wedding market "red hijab"

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After two years of love, Urumqi City, Zheng Jiang prepared the public in July with his girlfriend to marry next year. Recently, he began preparing for the wedding of a range of matters, from buying rings, wedding shine OK hotel, wedding company, a lap down, on the wedding market in Urumqi, the overall feeling one word: Great! Have this feeling of more than one person Zheng Jiang. Urumqi wedding market in the end be? What is included? What are the problems? Needs to provide for what services? This reporter had visited. Wedding usher billion market Newest white stretch Lincoln wedding car, an array of personalized wedding, the two-meter-high red hi word, through a time tunnel of four lift Dajiao, elders have the impression that the long pieces of human Xi Zhang, colorful flowers and green grass, Canada The rise of the bubble machine today, dry ice machine, cold fireworks, chasing light ... ... the public Pei Jie attended the recent wedding of a classmate endless emotion: "It was like watching a big show." Data shows that each year more than 20,000 pairs of Urumqi to form new wife. Most of these consumers is the first generation of only one child, changes in consumer attitudes, parental financial support and other factors, the individual will be an unprecedented market access to the new wedding industry. "They will select the vast majority of wedding services. Wedding day consumption (car rental, dinner, wedding ceremony, etc.) Basically, pyramid-shaped hierarchy." Urumqi Wedding Industry Association executive vice president, said Qi Bin, each year about 2000 to of 3,000 new high-end tip of the pyramid is selected wedding services, spending more than the 3 million to 10 million range; 5000 pairs of new mid-range choice of wedding services, spending 2 to 3 million; the remainder choose low end of the wedding services, spending two million or less. "Only one wedding service companies, the average consumption per couple for the 5000-6000 dollars. On this basis, the year of billion of this market, the market potential is big." Qi Bin said. Huge market has attracted many businessmen, the wedding capital of the company in recent years, more and more springing up. Also, from wedding planners, florists, makeup division, the endless stream of new business terms such as maid of honor can be seen, the emergence of a large number of new things, consumers are also driving the concept of changing the wedding industry to continually advance. "In previous years, the wedding is the convergence of form and content, and conformity of the strong, regardless of wedding companies, or new, are the 'others how to do, let's how to do'. The last two years, people began to pursue a new marriage wedding diversity, individuality, from a focus on material aspects of the form, to focus on spiritual connotation. This change in market demand, and promote a candlelight wedding, evening wedding, bridal wedding, outdoor weddings and other new forms come out. " Xinjiang popular in the days of wedding etiquette, general manager of field services, co-wrote. Not yet ready to supply the market "Faced with such a huge market, and the wedding industry in the mainland compared to wind and water, Urumqi wedding market has only just started, there are a lot of problems." Qi Bin told reporters. Industry and Commerce Authority, reporters learned from Urumqi, Urumqi, wedding services company currently has more than 100, but in industry and commerce, taxation and other relevant departments to register with a full range of formal wedding is only a dozen companies, most wedding companies or "one table a computer, "the small workshop. "These workshops are mostly wedding company is the 'three lows', that is, less educated, low quality, low capital investment." Qi Bin said, "three lows" operator to the already fragile market more chaos wedding services . Autonomous Trade and Industry Bureau reported 12,315 complaints complaints of staff, told reporters the command center, the center received the wedding of complaints were increasing, the problem mainly in the wedding car hire service, wedding dress rental reservations, and so on. Mixed wedding service companies, operating non-standard is the main reason causing the increase in consumer complaints. Qi Bin, for example, many companies do not have professional wedding wedding cars, video master of ceremonies, and staff, rent wedding car, please master of ceremonies and the camera is crammed. In the absence of a legitimate business procedures, there is no way a problem the company's responsibility to pursue the wedding. The lack of creativity, the capital of the wedding industry is a fatal flaw. Qi Bin told reporters, with 5 years ago, the primary market more different people to eat the wedding was to announce the birth of a new family, and with the economic level, is now in a wedding celebration in the form of his life as a a symbol of the wedding-style diversity, individuality have more and more requirements, which in fact is an acknowledgment of wedding culture, but also reflect trends in the wedding market. Qi Bin, that in the future, high-end creative services areas will be leading the entire wedding, a mature field of wedding planning company to move closer to the inevitable development of the industry, however, is very lacking in Urumqi such talent. In response, many companies are also very much agree with the wedding. Urumqi radiant wedding service company argued that wedding spending has always been an irrational, explosive concentration of consumption, along with economic development, consumption will become a life wedding is an important part of the consumer, as long as the introduction of new products and services, rather than rely on "Deal or No Deal," the cheating to be able to actively guide the consumer. "Our company's largest order to achieve more than ten million, not how to do a wedding luxury, extravagance, but rather to introduce cutting-edge services and extension services. Such as the wedding was held before the marriage for the new film WORM emotional MTV, marriage has been tracking service, take the next ordinary life after marriage, pregnancy, children, and children over a century, had birthday and other everyday situations, leaving the family life of a dynamic documentary. "Tian said together. Looking forward to the "flagship" development of the industry leading Qi Bin, told reporters that the wedding directly involved in the economy and related industries at least 23 categories, such as real estate, decoration, wedding photography, jewelry, diamonds, etc., can be regarded as a complete industrial chain. Wedding economy does well, and can drive the development of many related industries. "You had better really want to tap the potential of the wedding market out of the active development of related industries, stimulate and stimulate consumption, need to follow the rules of market economy, integration, optimal allocation of market resources, to professional, personalized, characteristic for a order of market competition, in addition, wedding economic prosperity, but also the industry 'flagship' companies to lead. "Qi Bin said. Last May 18, Urumqi wedding industry association was established, marking the wedding industry embarked on the standardization of Xinjiang, the road. "The purpose of the establishment of the wedding industry association, is to put up government, industry, a bridge between the public and to provide consumers with better, more personalized wedding services, thus promoting the development of the capital of the standardization of the wedding industry." Qi Bin said . It is understood, Urumqi wedding with the business sector, industry associations have jointly developed a "wedding ceremony services Urumqi Model Contracts", consumers can be obtained from standard contracts to the wedding, the event of disputes, wedding companies and consumers can follow the contract . In the future, relevant industry associations will jointly carry out a large wedding industry linkage. Single-handedly hold up the business in one hand and hold consumers, the capital of the wedding service industry lead to a new development platform. "Although the wedding service industry in Xinjiang is still vulnerable, but I believe that through the efforts of two or three years, the wedding market will mature." Qi Bin said with confidence.
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