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Wu Bin: Arrive from compere marriage celebrate concoctive big wrist (graph)

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Achieve rich resume
10 years ago, wu Bin resigns Chongqing commerce broadcasts the job of broadcasting station compere, taking 3 people, established the first marriage celebrates Chongqing company " element person newly-married " . 10 years past, his company grew 30 people from 3 people, from make preparations every year for 10 pairs of several new personality bridal development holds wedding every year for on 1000 people to now.
2003, "Element person newly-married " be chosen to be by committee of countrywide marriage family " 10 beautiful marriage of countrywide celebrate a company " ; In October 2003, wu Bin is elected to celebrate guild vice director for countrywide marriage.

In Chongqing, mention marriage celebrate an industry, how to also circle Wu Bin this character.
Butterfly is wedding of the wedding in funeral, love wedding, 6 valve clove, bridal... begin from 2000, each wedding that Wu Bin engineers made the central point that pays close attention to inside course of study almost, also became Chongqing each heat news of big media.
Thin, curl, be full of artistic temperament, wu Bin of 33 years old looks to resemble this year is an actor or compere. "Actually, I am a compere, went up now for person plan wedding addiction. " Wu Bin says.
"People marriage did not hear of that moment should wear marriage gauze "
The hard years before mentioning 10 years now, wu Bin still sighs with emotion myriad: "Had a deficit 3 years continuously, include family, friend to say I am bedlamite, deal does not make money, as flat abandon. But I still insist to come down, the cloud opens Caishoude see a month bright. The cloud opens Caishoude see a month bright..
1996 the beginning of the year, marriage of Chongqing head home celebrates a company -- when strong start business of element person newly-married, chongqing person marries not to ask what marriage to celebrate a company to make a plan, "Bridal at that time ceremony is very simple, new personality wears suit namely, all kin, friend eats a meal together. All kin, friend eats a meal together..
Wu Bin still remembers arguing the case when the bride wears marriage gauze for the first time now, "Await people marriage to wear suit in those days, had never heard of wear marriage gauze, we advised in earnest to persuade very long, provide marriage yarn freely, still give project of a few services, the bride just agreed constrainedly. " Wu Bin says, that is his brushstroke business, received 980 yuan of fund, include to chair wedding, make up, provide the service such as dress, festooned vehicle, basically had made the same score.
Wu Bin says, awaited door of day of his hold office at court to hire the retail sales of a 100 much square metre in those days, every months of chummage is about 559 yuan, wait for charge plus the salary of 4 employee, water and electricity, communication, every months of expenditure 30 thousand multivariate. Result, because the market still lies,breed period, chongqing person is accepted scarcely marriage celebrate a company to hold do wedding this kind of mode, although Wu Bin was thought up,provide marriage gauze, festooned vehicle freely, depreciate film marriage gauze is illuminated wait for sales promotion means, still door front courtyard is desolate.
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