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Marriage celebrate chair change a bit flavour

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Marrying is the important matter of life. Nowadays, in marriage banquet, compere (emcee) it is undoubtedly besides bridegroom bride, one of the most important roles. Can say, chair mobile stand or fall, not only the discretion that reflecting compere level, still deciding the lively degree of marriage banquet and wonderful rate.
Just emerge to high-grade wine shop when more and more marriage banquets, when the compere on more and present-day meaning replaces traditional emcee, we discover however, dazzling of a few your people sees the phenomenon that does not understand also happen subsequently even.

Phenomenon one: Two eggs wear crotch to pass

This one game often has been drunk in new personality make a cup of wine, bow too all right the junior travel of the ceremony. Compere takes out two eggs, shake twice before everybody, say this is the unripe egg that two bags having a holiday change, give next bride, let a bride extend two eggs from a trouser of bridegroom go in, draw out from another trouser next.

Bridal approach is not gotten oneself be obliged to accept so a formidable task. such, in the cry of close friend, two unripe eggs are advanced hardly forth. Meantime, the egg of nothing is more... than with the greatest difficulty crosses the crotch of bridegroom, the movement that slips downward after that.

The bride does not take care a bit, with respect to meeting break egg; This still nevers mind, bridegroom of the most afflictive nothing is more... than. Wedding is put in summer not bad, if in the winter, that ability cries cold. Two unripe eggs are sticking body scroll, canning be imagined is what flavor then.

Phenomenon 2: Egg (or apple) wear a bosom to pass

This can regard another version that is last game. Those who give such ideas often is male comrade. Substantially is compere lets take maly or two unripe eggs or apple, from the bride at the same time cuff is extended go in, draw out from across cuff next.

This game than former have greater difficulty, because the bride often is wearing tight marriage gauze. Can be imagined, of bridegroom " the task " those who finish is what kind is arduous.

Phenomenon 3: Before bridegroom eats bridal bosom, hang if really

Compere takes out two apples that tie up beforehand, like two the sliding weight of a steelyard, hang on bridal neck, hang down all the time before the bosom, let bridegroom be eaten off readily readily. Because the fruit is not fixed, the left and right sides sways, bridegroom tastes, difficulty is quite great, the bosom that meets bite into bride not carefully sometimes, because this often is amused,the stage falls " visit an official " belly laugh.

Phenomenon 4: Buccal speak or sing alternately feeds wine

On banquet of a few marriage, drink hand in a cup of wine to be replaced by place of such a kind of means sometimes. Compere lets bridegroom feed bridal wine to drink first. The nature that feed a law is different, let bridegroom contain first, hold a bride in arms next again mouth-to-mouth ground sends in bridal mouth, readily another, until drink chaliced wine till. Next, allow a bride also do sth following a set pattern.
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