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"Marriage celebrate chair a specialist " Chen Tao

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In September 1992, chen Tao take an examination ofing manages into Shanghai Hua Dong work college. In those days christmas, chen Tao cycles to be sent to the lover to post office from the school like former days daily love express delivery, the bride of gauze of marriage of whiteness of a dress sees in road, in bridegroom caress next walking out of marriage the gate that celebrates a company. He overtakes conjugal festooned vehicle cannot refrain fromingly by bike, go view and emulate their wedding.

In bridal spot, he sees a middleaged man that wears swallow-tailed coat stands on the stage, hold microphone, witticism in rapid succession, deliver bridal congratulatory speech emphaticly. Then the individual's expression, demeanour, speech attracted Chen Tao deeply, he asks other people dry what that man is, others tells him that to the person is wedding is chaired.

Later, chen Tao watched many 10 wedding again, remember the compere speech on wedding, he discovers bridal form, agenda, speech is basic and identical. As a child go to school crosses Sichuan opera performance, can tell the Chen Tao that can sing to begin to cheat sent the think of a way that wants to do a bridal compere.

Then, he runs to Shanghai library to consult data of culture of concerned marriage common, study concerns the knowledge that holds wedding and process, still buy a dish " wedding march " tape will listen. The wedding that he will learn to come secretly chairs a word to undertake arranging, revise repeatedly, created a perfect wedding to chair draft, establish a program of a complete set of, begin to try drilling wedding is chaired.

In those days, everyday early morning Chen Tao is in a dormitory to specular drilling. Time grew a classmate to have an opinion to him, let him practice to the outside. He everyday the bus that early morning drives the first beach outside be being left for from school doorway, the station is recited at the back of of the car, back and forth two hours. He had entered two week hind eventually col, the face before everybody also can fluent speech.

Try to chair wedding for the first time, he received the nod approval of new personality

1993 christmas this day, he celebrates a company again, as it happens encounters a pair of new personality marriage. Chen Tao says to the boss, give him the chance please, let him hold the position of the bridal compere of this pair of new personality. But the boss fears he makes wedding was bungled to affect the following business. Chen Tao show resourcefulness in an emergency, take advantage of an opportunity takes microphone of roll into of a piece of newspaper: "Drape white marriage gauze, the head wears beautiful garland, two hearts that each other love each other are on this divine red carpet... "

The boss never has listened to so wonderful wedding to manage a statement, and his speech is simple and honest, resonant sound intensity, boss eventually release what is held says: "Youth, I see you so clinging, give you the chance. Give you the chance..
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