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Bridegroom him official is done chair, special marriage celebrates a form to win

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Report from our correspondent (cropland of reporter Wang Jing) on July 1 morning 11 when make 20 minutes, tang Shan is holding the wedding of a having sth new inside restaurant of fishing village of city Changjiang Delta, this bridal compere is not others, however him bridegroom, this lets attend all bridal guest to feel amazed.

This second wedding prepared 21 desks feast to use entertainment close friends in all, bridegroom official takes on the special marriage of bridal compere celebrated a form to win universal applause immediately, wedding is undertaking in unusually lively and festive atmosphere.

The bridegroom Guan Lijun of important role is acted in this wedding, this year 24 years old, mention this special experience, he says: "At ordinary times I often undertake photographing resembling the job for the wedding of others, in wedding I am opposite this one part produced bridal compere strong interest, always want to try, can have a test in his wedding only so, did not think of the effect has comparatived, kept good memory to oneself. Kept good memory to oneself..

Li Jun celebrates compere for the marriage of can satisfactory ground that finish this one mission, a month begins to prepare, he is consulted to professional bridal compere, write good idea, next oneself practice, but in marry he still is taking the spot a hand gets stuck, look often twice.

Bridal cropland is close, hear bridegroom wants to chair his wedding at the beginning, feel understand hard, "Traditional after all wedding has compere, and become again when bridegroom again compere, I am afraid that he is considered come nevertheless, but think this kind of form or pretty are amused later, it is to expect very so. " in wedding, the bride has a few times extemporaneous also cooperated bridegroom to gues-star bout to chair. "I did not think of spot mood is good all the more, applaud to the echo. " Tian Mi says, when thing preexistence invites close friends, did not tell them this secret, just say, "Arrive after the spot, can give you a surprise, this is a special wedding. " result, close friends witnesses this surprise hind in saw with one's own eyes, echo is quite big, some makes an appointment ahead of schedule even their husband and wife chairs wedding for oneself.

Li Jun's father expresses main support to this matter, "This is a more special issue really, can let the child take exercise, the original story that sees him has how old. " Mr Li is not special satisfaction to the son's expression, "Want to make the word of cent, I can give him fail, all programs that he does not have a wedding are know sth thoroughly at the heart, oneself played card of a hand. " as a whole, mr Li feels quite glad, "Some wedding are wasteful very, do not have any originality again, our wedding is in this a little bit to go up, I think to surpass other wedding. I think to surpass other wedding..

In Tang Shan a marriage of city celebrates Ms. Xu that the company works to tell a reporter, bridegroom official holds concurrently doing compere is an innovation, in hundreds of wedding that had attended in herself, the form is machine-made almost, this or she knows this one form for the first time. "Current marriage celebrate the state with compere relatively high price, I believe those who appear to this kind of form still will be met henceforth. " Ms. Xu says.
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