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Marriage car rents a contract

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Marriage car rents a contract

Party A: (entrust square) Party B: (marriage celebrate an unit)

Bridegroom: Contact:

Address: Address:

Connect a telephone call: Connect a telephone call:

Basis " contract law of People's Republic of China " , " rights and interests of consumer of People's Republic of China protects a law " , to make clear bilateral right obligation both sides of relation, classics talks things over consistent, following agreements are reached on freewill, equal foundation, abide by jointly.

•Car is rental

The 1, model that rent a car and price:

Hire car amount:

Car color:

Model of car:

Car brand:

Rental price:

Rent charge amount:

2, use speedometer calculates:

Be restricted in rent charge kilometer number is a kilometer; Time is a hour.

Exceed kilometer, overtime part to be calculated separately, every exceed 1 hour yuan, every exceed 1 kilometer to be yuan.

The 3, time that use a car:

Date time comes month days time

The 4, ground that use a car nods:

According to Party A the requirement is in punctual arrive and time begin.

The marriage car that 5, Party B offers serves every car to match driver one name, contain take charge: □ gasoline expenses, □ stops car of fare, □ entrance ticket, □ to clean bridge of road of cost, □ eat of driver of cost, □ is expended (the choice that hit √ ) .


Second root occupies exercise of course of Party A requirement, exercise line is as follows:

If above journey course has fluctuant, party A should shift to an earlier date 3 days to inform Party B.

The course exercise that Party B ought to ask according to Party A, if did not pass Party A to agree with what do sth without authorization changes course of drive a vehicle, cause course of development to exceed this contract to agree, party B has no right to ask Party A raises any cost.

3, terms of payment:

The contract is signed that day, armour direction Party B pays as subscription, party B needs to issue corresponding gathering certificate.

Surplus money is in after gone car that day, party A is one-time paid. Party B should open unified bill to be handed in at Party A after collection sum charge.

4, other agreement:

•Hire train in excess specified length car is same do not need to get on a car in conventional crossing or alley mouth into new residential quarter, alley, passenger.

•Road fabric width is in 5 meters of the following road, below the circumstance that car of train in excess specified length cannot be entered or is tune, the passenger needs to be on nearby crossing, get off.

5, responsibility of breach of contract:

1. Those who because Party A reason removes a car,be like. Car of for private use has consideration that day, what the car deducts imprest car money is retreat to serve as penalty due to breach of contract inside a month; The car is removed in 3 days of less than, deduct Party A place to pay imprest car section to serve as penalty due to breach of contract.
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