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Contract of colour makeup model

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Contract of colour makeup model

Party A: (entrust square) Party B: (marriage celebrate an unit)

Bridegroom: Contact:

Address: Address:

Connect a telephone call: Connect a telephone call:

Basis " contract law of People's Republic of China " , " rights and interests of consumer of People's Republic of China protects a law " , concern to make clear bilateral right obligation, classics both sides talks things over consistent, be in freewill, the following agreement is reached on equal foundation, abide by jointly.

One, trust a situation:

Party A is his at     year day of   month   is in hall of   of hotel of   of   of   of       (sign of road of   of   of area of   of address   city) hold wedding to entrust Party B to undertake negligee Wu, appoint     to be bridal makeup girl, makeup girl contacts means:         

Service content total prices is   of   of RMB     yuan whole (great)   of   of       (the ordinary form of a Chinese numeral)

When Party A signs a contract, need to pay subscription     yuan whole.   of more than   yuan whole, pay □ colour makeup atelier or □ him makeup girl after bridal end.

After subscription of Party A paid, party B needs to issue relevant receipt.

Party B should open unified bill to be handed in at Party A after collection sum charge.

Service remarks:

Service content: Half Cheng of □ makes up half Cheng of   □ follows   of   of other   of □ of makeup     with whole journey of makeup   □

Offer an item freely: Hair of □ of   of □ false eyelash acts the role of     □ to deserve to act the role of a matron of honour of     □ mom of makeup   □ makeup

□ mother-in-law   of   of   of   of   of other   of □ of   of makeup □ crystal armour

Serve time: Makeup girl will be nodded that day morning with wedding arrive
□ comes finish the last □ of   of makeup face   ends PM of   of   of AM- of   of   of   of     □ to wedding breakfast (collect fees overtime amount     yuan / half hours)

Outer suburbs and provincial traffic and board and lodging require cost additionally:                   

Bridal archives

Colour makeup, hairstyle asks

If because fall ill,waited that day,cannot fight a cause this makeup girl cannot honor the agreement, by this colour makeup atelier offers the makeup girl of coequal above price to offer Party A alternative.

2, contract right obligation makes over:

Inside contract period of efficacy, any incur loss through delay that just cause directly to place of force majeure incident or cannot fulfill contract obligation not to need to assume responsibility (but must produce valid proof) , this also should take the loss that necessary step causes with decreasing.
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