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Students open the year the company lost 80,000 wedding

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Ding Yingying, and Choi Young-who are university students. They feel the wedding is a sunrise industry, so both resigned, but also to his family 12 million loan, jointly opened a wedding company. However, it lost a year down 8 million. To facilitate the start of their career, the way they choose to join the shop, light initial fee to spend 4 million. December 2007, they made the first wedding, although collected over 3,000 yuan, but the fees charged And, finally, lose money. Later, they have one after another for more than 20 pairs of couples make arrangements for the wedding ceremony, each price range from 5000 to 20,000 yuan. But the profit is very low. Now, after deducting all expenses, both men left San Siqian a month, and the relative had voted The high capital costs, this income is far not let them settle down, they even have a closed mind. Ding Yingying think the main reason business is good shop location is too remote, "dwelling" in the apartment, they did not do publicity, visibility is not enough. Then there are shops grade scale "high fragmentation, low not to," and head Before the wedding so many companies large and small, very intense price war, they no price advantage. Also MC cameraman, rental trucks, etc., each to pay a fee, after deducting the venue fee, profit becomes very small.
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